Bors Ritiu



2012, paintings, videos and performance


Cristian Bors & Marius Ritiu, Nepotism, Mara Bors, Daria Mocan Ritiu, Simon Delobel, Canvas Collectie, 2012

Cristian Bors & Marius Ritiu, Nepotism, Mara Bors, Daria Mocan Ritiu, Simon Delobel, Canvas Collectie, 2012


November 2011
Cristian Bors and Marius Ritiu are contacted by Canvas to take part to Canvas's TV-program. Canvas proposes to realize a specific reportage about their work for De Canvascollectie.

February 2012
Bors and Ritiu develop their project Nepotism as a specific project for De Canvascollectie. They buy canvases and paint tubes in Antwerp and send them to their brother and sister in Romania. Bors & Ritiu's nieces (respectively 3 and 4 years old) are asked to paint a portrait of their uncles. The making of the paintings is filmed by their parents. Paintings and videos are later sent to Belgium. The first part of the project Nepotism is achieved.

March 2012
Canvas visits Cristian Bors and Marius Ritiu in the Academy in Antwerp, where they work on their sculpture for Middelheim Museum's project De Sokkel #3 in Antwerp's City Park. Bors and Ritiu show the paintings made by their nieces for the first time.

April 2012
Bors and Ritiu ask their friend Simon Delobel, curator of the Verbeke Foundation, to present their Nepotism project to the first jury of De Canvascollectie in Hasselt. Delobel explains in Dutch the project with the two paintings created by Bors and Ritiu's nieces as well as the two videos showing them painting. Canvas's TV team is filming the meeting with the first jury. Cristian Bors's brother is also filming the whole event, seen as a public space intervention by the Romanian artist duo. Having the feeling to be confronted to a kind of game, the first jury decides to play the game and asks Bors, Ritiu and Delobel if they want to present the paintings and videos again in front of the national jury of De Canvascollectie. Bors and Ritiu agree. The artworks are photographed, a short portrait movie is made. At 6 p.m., a second presentation is given by Delobel, Bors and Ritiu to the national jury. As for the first jury, the Canvas TV team and Bors's brother are filming the discussion between the jury, Delobel, Bors and Ritiu. The national jury decides not to select Bors and Ritiu's project.

16.04.2012, Canvas Collectie, Z33, Hasselt, BE